Becoming a member of the Vine requires certain qualifications with different pathways:



  • A legitimate New York/ New Jersey/ Pennsylvania/Connecticut small business. This can be online, vendor fairs, or brick & mortar stores.
  • Current administrator of the business. Employees are not permitted.
  • Selling of items or services that are legal and authentic in the United States.
  • Businesses that are not permitted: Unauthorized food, firearms, tobacco, pornography, counterfeit items, alcohol, anything illegal in the United States.
  • You have a current Federal Tax ID number for authenticity.


  • Must complete Vine Vendor Application
  • $20 annual fee for all qualified applicants
  • Membership into our secret Facebook group
  • Business listing on our website
  • Preferred vendor status for events and fairs
  • Renewable on a yearly basis (every July 1st)

All applicants must complete this application and make a payment on our payment portal before consideration will be given: