Do you want your business highlighted on the Vine? Want exposure to thousands of other small businesses and people who like to shop at local small businesses? Then choose from one of our features or services below!

As a member of the Vine Vendor Network, we will publish a listing of your business on our membership page and be listed as one of our preferred vendors for various events. Members only, please complete this survey and remit payment.
Member Price: $25 one year    Non-Member Price: Not Applicable
*Renews every July 1st regardless of sign-up date.

Highlight Your Event
Your event will be highlighted on our events calendar.
Member Price: Free     Non-Member Price: $10

Social Media Feature
Have your business, your brand, or your event featured on all of our social media platforms, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get all of your info out to a growing list of active users who love small business.
Member Price: One Feature without Graphic Design: $10 / One Feature with Graphic Design: $15
Non-Member Price: One Feature without Graphic Design: $20 / One Feature with Graphic Design: $30

Business Blog Spotlight
A specially dedicated blog post will be written about you, your business, or your event. You can use this to advertise, include in your press catalog, and impress clients.
Member Price: $20     Non-Member Price: $40

Vet Your Event
Is doing the work of vetting vendors too complicated? Looking for quality vendors or a specific niche market? Tell us how many vendors you want, and let us do the work for you.
Member Price: $75     Non-Member Price: $100

Business and Event Services

Interested in being featured or using one of our services? Please email – and the administrator in charge of your account will contact you directly.

All payments for services can be made via our payment portal.