Collaborate. Learn. Inspire. Empower.

Welcome to The Vine

The Vine Vendor Network was created for local New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut vendors/small businesses to share information about business and fairs. The goal is to help one another be successful through networking, advice, collaboration, and encouragement. We collaborate, learn, and inspire one another; we work together to empower the passion, dedication, and importance of small business.

Group Requirements:
Must be a New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania vendor/small business or operate a small business which benefits other NY/NJ/CT/PA small businesses.

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Group Objectives:
1. Network with other area vendors.
2. Share information about registering for local fairs.
3. Share information and/or leads regarding wholesale and/or clientele.
4. Offer best business practices by giving advice and helping to troubleshoot issues.
5. A safe place for vendors to discuss business issues.

Kristen M Fusaro-Pizzo, President
Sandra D’Auria, Vice President
Brooke Haramija, Chief Consulting Officer
Erika Cherko-Soykan, Legal Advisor